Starfield will literally leave you speechless

Starfield will literally leave you speechless

We ain’t done hearing about it yet Starfield in the coming weeks. Now that the game has presented itself in good and due form, Bethesda can speak openly about the game. After discussing its lifespan, Todd Howard confirms the fears of the players following the gameplay sequences.

Return of the mute character in Starfield

The presentation of the game indeed implied that Starfield was going to move away from the leap operated with Fallout 4. The last game of the post-apocalyptic saga had indeed broken with the traditional staging of the big white on the face of the interlocutor, who then discussed with a mute character. A feature that had divided, with some preferring tradition to modernity.

Bethesda has therefore decided to backtrack since the main character of Starfield will have no voice and will no longer be dubbed at all. As for it, the camera will automatically switch to subjective view during the dialogue phases, although it will be possible to explore the 1000 planets of the game at the sight of the 3e nobody. Again, this turnaround divides the players. Some say they are particularly disappointed while others are delighted to find their old-fashioned dialogues. On another note, Todd Howard has confirmed that it won’t be possible to fly the ship directly to a planet.

We decided early in the development of the game that on the surface it’s a reality, and then it’s another when you’re in space. If you try to spend a lot of time designing in-between elements like these transitions, you end up spending way too much time on something that isn’t that important to the player.

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