Starfield : some much-awaited gameplay and info

Bethesda releases crisp new information and some gameplay snippets about the highly anticipated Starfield. Here’s everything you need to remember.

Absent from the Game Awards 2022, Starfield comes back with a new video. The developers are responding this time to questions from players, especially those focused on the quests of this new license which aims to be much more than a “Skyrim in space”. A brief summary of everything that has been said. We strongly invite you to watch the video, since some gameplay excerpts have slipped into this interview.

Details on quests Starfield

Will Shen, lead quest designer, took part in questions from fans. Despite a generous presentation this year, several gray areas persist around Starfield. Today, Bethesda tells us more about the quests of its first new license for a very long time. The game will obviously have the ambition to push certain mechanics of its other productions further while retaining what is the soul of Bethesda titles (we are not talking about bugs).

For example, one of the aspects that players like is the random encounters in the publisher’s open worlds. Since Starfield relies on a new technology to populate entire planets allowing different approaches. For example, it will be possible to meet a whole group of people at an outpost that has already been visited, whereas before there was only one person on the scene. They might then have various problems or quests for you, such as asking you to go rescue their friends captured by pirates in another location. In other words, at any place at any time you can make random encounters.

Some quests will also allow you to return to our solar system to encourage you to discover what happened to Earth and the consequences of what happened. Will Shen, for example, mentions bases installed on Mars, one of the oldest of which is called “Cydonia”.


Factions and companions, what differences with Skyrim and Fallout 4?

One of the aspects expected at the turn also concerns the factions. Skyrim and Fallout 4 both had different approaches to the subject. what about Starfield ? The game’s main quest will allow players to quickly discover all the factions, their stakes and their positions on certain subjects. It will finally be possible to help and complete the quests of all of these groups independently of the others. However, their stories will be a bit more personal than usual, and your character’s influence on them and their politics should be felt. However, do not expect to end up at the head of all the factions, but expect direct consequences. Ditto for all the side quests, your choices influencing the fate of several main and secondary characters.

Companions will also play an important role in the players’ journey. As in Fallout 4, they will all have their own perspective on the decisions you make during the main story. They will, however, be able to speak in certain situations and in certain dialogues if you wish. Example quoted, you may be required to be refused passage to a given place and your comrade can get you out of the situation on request. This will obviously have consequences, both good and bad. For the rest, we find more classic mechanics. Your companions will follow you in combat, you will be able to exchange equipment with them, and a little novelty they will be able to join the crew of your ship to help with certain tasks.


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