Starfield : new images that disappoint Xbox players

Starfield : new images that disappoint Xbox players

You may have missed it, but Microsoft has shown “new” images of Starfield at The Game Awards 2022. Here’s why they’re disappointing Xbox gamers.

Bad week for Microsoft. Hours before the start of The Game Awards 2022, the FTC sent its notice to block the Activision-Blizzard takeover. The rumors were right, the Redmond firm did not communicate during the event except to remind everyone that the Xbox Game Pass will have to offer in the years to come. The opportunity for Bethesda to slip in some new visuals of Starfieldwhich disappoint fans for one and only reason.

Unpublished images for Starfield

A brief overview of Starfield was shown during the Game Awards 2022. Visibly inclined to keep a low profile during the unmissable event, Microsoft contented itself with an advertisement extolling the merits of Xbox Game Pass and its future day one releases. Among them, Starfield allowed itself to be glimpsed for a few seconds with “unpublished” images. Quotation marks are required as these are both new images and previously seen shots. The Redmond firm was indeed content to show sequences already seen with a few different angles.

It was enough for fans to express their disappointment with these images of Starfield, but it’s more the lack of overall communication from the publisher that made some teeth cringe. Aaron Greenberg, vice president of marketing at Xbox, has since spoken on the subject. No need to panic, this small gap does not reflect a flagrant lack of exclusives. ” We have a lot to show and share about a year 2023 that promises to be truly exciting. We appreciate people being eager to learn and see more. Timing is always key, but don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long “, did he declare.

Never-before-seen gameplay footage from Starfield should therefore arrive soon, from the beginning of next year. It is recalled that the one which will be much more than a “Skyrim in space” will be available in the course of 2023 on a date still undetermined.

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