Starfield : modders are already preparing to do the job instead of Bethesda

Starfield : modders are already preparing to do the job instead of Bethesda

It’s inevitable, Starfield will come with its share of bugs. An evil specific to open worlds, but especially to Bethesda games. As a result, motivated players are already organizing to prepare a first big patch.

We will have to wait another year before traveling with Starfield. Bethesda has pushed back its first new license in years to polish the experience. For their part, modders know the song and know full well what to expect with the editor: a ton of bugs.

Modders ready to fix Starfield at its launch

It’s no secret that for many gamers Bethesda is the king of bugs. So much so that the future community of modders of Starfield is already preparing for the worst for the launch of the game. To anticipate any (inevitable) setbacks at launch, the team ” Starfield Community Patch” has already begun to organize to deploy a patch in the wake of the release.

In their sights, script errors, buggy quests, lost items, translation problems and generally all kinds of bugs that hinder progress or taint immersion. ” The overall goal is to improve the core experience of Starfield for all players ”, explain the motivated modders. All these fixes will then be available as unofficial patches via Nexus Mods and Github.

As to mods classics that offer new content, it will be necessary to wait before this team does. Like all other players, they will first enjoy the adventure quietly while paying attention to reported bugs and those they discover. We recall that Starfield is not expected before 2023, that gives them plenty of time to set up their dream team and prepare.

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