Starfield : beautiful images for Skyrim in space

Obviously Bethesda Game Studios wants to gradually raise the sauce for its game Starfield and the Twitter account has just published a series of artworks to this effect on its space title. Everything looks like posters for a slightly retro science fiction film, enough to please a whole generation of the 80s and 90s.

Starfield raise the pressure

You can obviously admire this artistic work in the thread of this news:

To celebrate World Space Week, every day for the next five days we’ll be unveiling epic artwork from Starfield made by @posterposse!

For starters, here’s @17thandOak’s take on everyone’s favorite companion: Vasco!

It’s notably the image above that has some big retro DNA and could almost be a poster for the first movie. Alien. The rest of the content Starfield makes you think of an Art Deco atmosphere of the space, see instead:

The city of New Atlantis, more alive than ever!

This work sums up the wonder of landing for the first time on a distant planet in Starfield and contemplate a new frontier!

A stunning take on the Constellation logo, a symbol of exploration and discovery.

The last image is inspired by the Space Opera of the 70s, looking closely we find a certain proximity with Star Wars and all the work that was done by Ralph McQuarrie before the very first film:

Comparison with the artworks of Starfield.
An artwork by Ralph McQuarrie for Star Wars : A New Hope

In any case, this is enough to make fans wait (a little) before having a little more concrete knowledge of in-game content (screenshots, gameplay video, etc.). Starfield is scheduled for 2023 without further details on Xbox Series and pc.

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