Starfield : an iconic character from The Elder Scrolls returns

Starfield is still very mysterious, but Bethesda continues to communicate about its game. The American publisher has released some crisp information recently, revealing for example that the one called Skyrim in space will have twice as many lines of dialogue as Fallout 4. The studios’ new license will be larger, but that won’t stop The Elder Scrolls Oblivion fans from reuniting with a well-known character…sort of, at least.

The Fanatic back in Starfield ?

We know it, Starfield will borrow heavily from Bethesda’s other games. What The Elder Scrolls players probably didn’t expect was to see one of Oblivion’s most cult and annoying NPCs in this gargantuan open world that we are promised. During a recent Q&A session, Todd Howard gave some new details about the game and its system of traits earned by completing given actions. One of them, entitled “Revered Hero”, will be acquired in ” gaining the attention of an annoying “Fanatic”. »

As spotted PCGamesNthis annoying character “ will appear randomly and keep chattering next to you. The bright side is that he gives you gifts “. Those who rolled their bump on The Elder Scrolls Oblivion do not need a drawing: the Fanatic will be back in Starfield. If you’ve never touched the fourth installment and never had the displeasure of coming across this annoying NPC, who can become the Hero of Kvatch’s worst traveling companion, he was only there to brush off players in the sense of the hair for lack of fighting or having something interesting to say.

A cult character within the license, elevated to the rank of same for many years. Of course, it will probably be more about a easter eggs to one of the most well-known NPCs in the community, only a proper return. In any case, the revelation seems assured, even at the edge of the galaxy.

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