Starfield : a not so open world, but for a good reason

Starfield : a not so open world, but for a good reason

The big cartridge from Bethesda and Microsoft gives us new details that are likely to make some disappointed.

Since its big presentation at the last Summer Game Fest, Starfield was rather discreet and stingy with information, but now Todd Howard, director of the game, gives us some. In a recent podcasthe tells us that the game will be designed to help players, even if it means sacrificing a little freedom in the process.

Starfield less free than expected, but for a good cause

Whereas Starfield promises to be a space opera that relies heavily on its exploration to find oneself in what promises to be a gigantic universe made up of a hundred solar systems. The developers therefore opted for a level mechanic to show players the route to follow. Understand by this that certain areas will, for example, be populated by enemies of sometimes high levels to make you understand that you have nothing to do there for the moment.

We have leveled star systems. When you go to one of these systems, you will sometimes find that it is, for example, level 40. In fact, it is like when you look at the world map of any game. such an area is reserved for low level players and will therefore be level 1. We are doing the same thing, but on the scale of several star systems.

In sum, Starfield will be a fake open world. Since if the exploration will indeed be free, the progress will be a bit marked by this system of levels. Some players will certainly be able to see a form of linearity in it, while others will surely be delighted to learn that the game will help them find their way among the stars. A technique that is not new since it exists in a very large number of RPGs, whether they are in the open world or not.
As a reminder, Starfield promises to be a particularly ambitious game halfway between Skyrim and No Man’s Sky. Space exploration will be central to the experience, as will storytelling. Microsoft’s biggest exclusive doesn’t yet have a release date, though, but should definitely give us one shortly. How about during the Game Awards next week?

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