Star Wars Ubisoft: a game even bigger than you think

Star Wars Ubisoft: a game even bigger than you think

Insider Tom Henderson drops some indiscretions about the game Star Wars from Ubisoft. The title could be even bigger than we imagined.

License Star Wars still has a bright future ahead of it in the world of video games. In a few months, it’s Star Wars Jedi Survivor from Respawn and EA that will be approached by console and PC players. However, several other adaptations are in development, including one by Amy Henning (Uncharted) and the other by Ubisoft. It is once again the latter who is talking about her. According to new sources, the game Star Wars of Ubisoft could have disproportionate ambitions.

A game Star Wars like No Man’s Sky?

The game Star Wars from Ubisoft is still very nebulous. Few details are known about it, except that it is mainly developed by Massive Entertainment to whom we owe The Division or Far Cry 3. Following the studio’s statements, fans hope to have clarification this year, but they should not be official. Julian Gerighty, creative director of the game, wanted to calm the ardor of the players by explaining that it would be a big year for the adaptation, but internally. Never mind, the insiders are already on the way to reveal some details about this Star Wars Ubisoft.

Insider Gaming has gone fishing for information, and it could be that the game is even more ambitious than expected. According to Tom Henderson’s sources, this app Star Wars will offer a totally explorable and open universe, as does No Man’s Sky for example. Additionally, the player would be able to travel between systems while “fully immersing themselves in a vast galaxy brimming with activity.” “What leave fans in search of freedom dreamers. However, we will have to wait for an official communication from the publisher to find out more about the gameplay and the very essence of this adaptation. But since it’s a Ubisoft game, there’s a good chance it will be the victim of a big leak by then.

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