Star Wars Rogue Squadron: where is the movie? The director’s response

Star Wars Rogue Squadron: where is the movie? The director's response

The Force seems more disturbed than ever within Star Wars. No more films are scheduled until further notice, including Star Wars Rogue Squad. But is it at least in active development?

Star Wars Rogue Squadron will be released… or not!

While producer Kathleen Kennedy fears for the future of Star Wars, especially the next film, director Patty Jenkins has communicated on Star Wars Rogue Squad. It will happen? In the idea, yes, but it is still very vague this story.

Initially, I left Star Wars Rogue Squadron due to an overly long development process. It became apparent that production couldn’t get done fast enough, and I didn’t want to delay Wonder Woman 3 any further. LucasFilm asked me to consider returning to the film once Wonder Woman 3 was wrapped.

I was very honored by this offer and so I accepted. We made a new contract and I’m still there. It has been in active development ever since. I don’t know if the film will be made or not. You never know until the development process has come to an end, but I’m glad it might be released.

Patty Jenkins via Twitter.

We will therefore have to take our troubles patiently before admiring the new antics of the Rebel Alliance pilots on the big screen. If, of course, the project does not end up being cancelled.

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