Star Wars : Lucasfilm is very scared for the next film

Star Wars : Lucasfilm is very scared for the next film

A new report sheds light on what’s going on internally at Lucasfilm right now. The information comes from the media puckand according to them the company is quite scared about the future of Star Wars on the big screen. To the point of no longer wanting to communicate on the issue.

Kathleen Kennedy and the future of Star Wars

According to the newspaper, it concerns Kathleen Kennedy. Disney apparently advised Kennedy to stop announcing projects and creative partners related to Star Wars “lest the voracious nerd press pounce when these projects fail to materialize, as is often the case at Lucasfilm“. Puck explains in particular that there is a culture of fear and indecision around the next episode. Kennedy wants the next film to be good, which can be understood, but also different from what one can see on Disney+ by moving away from the usual fan-service.

It must be said that for the moment everything is quite vague about the future of the saga Star Wars At the movie theater. Patty Jenkins boasted Rogue Squadron in a promotional video and then the project completely disappeared from the radar. Rian Johnson’s potential new trilogy no longer gives any sign of life and the same goes for the film from the showrunners of Game of Thrones : DB Weiss and David Benioff. In short, in this context, we can understand that Lucasfilm is quite scared by the next episode. Between fear of not innovating enough and at the same time not talking enough to the fans…

What do you expect from the next episode of the saga?

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