Star Wars Jedi Survivor: the long-awaited sequel is dated, it’s going to be epic

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: the long-awaited sequel is dated, it's going to be epic

Respawn’s highly anticipated game showed up at Geoff Keighley’s show, as recent rumors and multiple information leaks had suggested. Star Wars Jedi Survivor might drive fans crazy.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date and epic trailer

It’s finally confirmed Star Wars Jedi Survivor will indeed see the light of day on March 17 on PS5, Xbox Series and PC. The game will once again send us into the shoes of young Cal Kestis, a now experienced Jedi, still played by actor Cameron Monaghan.
Like its elder, this sequel promises to be particularly faithful to the universe imagined by George Lucas and should make us see the country.

The trailer unveiled at Game Awards 2022 indeed already shows us many environments and a varied bestiary composed of colossal creatures or even droids. Exploration and platforming phases should be a new focus. On the fighting side, Jedi Survivor will ride the souls-like wave like Fallen Order and promises new moves, both with a lightsaber and using the Force. It now remains to be determined whether the game will be as demanding as its elder.

It therefore promises to be explosive for this sequel which already promises to be epic. Jedi Survivor will have a lot to do to overcome Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order which had set the bar particularly high in addition to offering a completely new adventure and unique gameplay. But all hopes are allowed, Respawn has resources and we know it. Now remember to prepare your hard drives well since, as a reminder, it has been said that this Star Wars Jedi Survivor will weigh a ton on our machines.

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