Star Wars Jedi Survivor: a first DLC already revealed?

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: a first DLC already revealed?

Definitely, Stars Wars Jedi Survivor has been talking a lot about him in recent days. While a presentation of the game is expected at the Game Awards tonight, the release date, the enormous weight of the game and now new content have already leaked everywhere on the web.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor reveals itself again before its big official announcements

If this keeps up, Jedi Survivor won’t have any more secrets for us before he can even take the time to show himself. After its date and its size, it is its first DLC which has just been revealed.

Obviously, Respawn has planned some content for the launch of its new game Star Wars and the latter would take the form of a DLC in the colors of Obi-Wan Kenobi which would be offered as a pre-order bonus. At first glance, therefore, it would be a mainly cosmetic DLC allowing Cal to wear an exclusive outfit to pay homage to the Jedi of the series. Disney + Obi-Wan Kenobi. As a bonus, it is said that this pack would include other bonuses including the lightsaber and the emblematic weapon of the famous Master of Anakin.

We are now waiting for the official

For the time being, we cannot ensure the veracity of these new elements, even if they seem credible. The official announcement should anyway be made during the Game Awards tonight. It seems obvious that the release date and the opening of pre-orders will be there and we are ready to bet a big coin on the appearance of a beautiful gameplay sequence.
Star Wars Jedi Survivor is indeed one of the games whose presence was confirmed during Geoff Keighley’s show alongside Wild Hearts, Final Fantasy 16, Dead Space Remake and Tekken 8. You can find everything about them in our ultimate guide. of the event.

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