Star Wars Ahsoka: the series has a very nice appearance in store for you

Star Wars Ahsoka: the series has a very nice appearance in store for you

Once is not custom, makingstarwars just found good information about the next series Star Wars Ahsoka. It obviously remains to be taken with tweezers but generally the information is rather serious on this side. In particular, we can learn more about the scenario, with in particular a rumor about a beautiful appearance.

Star Wars Ahsoka should be pretty Dante

We can for example learn that there will be another young actress playing Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars:Ahsoka and it’s not Rosario Dawson or even Ashley Eckstein (Clone Wars). While Dawson will be playing Ahsoka for the majority of the story, there should be several moments in the famed Jedi’s life with another actress. We can imagine this change in particular for an appearance in his youth. The series should therefore return to several eras: his adolescence, a version during Star Wars Rebels and another yet undisclosed version.

But that’s not all since sources from MakingStarWars indicate Darth Vader is indeed confirmed in a duel with Ahsoka. And this one will wear the same costume he wore on Mustafar in The Revenge of the Sith. Hayden Christensen would have even needed training to physically prepare for the role.

Finally, the source confirms that Hayden Christensen filmed fight scenes during the period Clone Wars for Star Wars Ahsoka. We should therefore see for the very first time in a long time on a live stage, the return of the Clone Wars.

What do you think of these rumors about this highly anticipated series?

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