STALKER 2 unveils a dark trailer and talks about the War in Ukraine

The Ukrainian studio GSC Game World behind Stalker 2 experienced the full brunt of the War in Ukraine and still at the time of writing this news, some studio staff are fighting against the Russian army. The video below provides an overview of the problems that the studio may have encountered. Both for the move and for the sometimes tragic disappearance of family members, etc. We felt it was still quite important to share this video content with you.

A development diary on the War in Ukraine

Good news for STALKER 2

Besides the rather tragic dev diary we got some good news on Stalker 2 including a brand new trailer. The studio explains in particular that this joint project makes it possible to continue to weld the team and bring a kind of glimmer of hope to everyone.

It is therefore a very special game that we are going to have in our hands, we will however have to be patient because for the time being it seems scheduled for the very end of 2023. What we can easily understand with the delay of several months linked to War and the absence of some developers.

Stalker 2 screenshot.

The game will be available on Steam, Epic and Microsoft, with three editions ranging from 59.99 euros to 109.99 euros. It will be a temporary PC/Xbox exclusive and will not be released on the old console generation (PS4 and Xbox One).

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