Stadia is dead, it’s official! RIP little angel gone too late

Stadia is dead, it's official! RIP little angel gone too late

That’s it, it’s official: Google Stadia is dead. The Mountain View company announced the news, what about the users who were still using the service?

Sad news for the video game industry… or not. Google has just announced the death of Stadia, its streaming service that never took off.

End clap for Stadia

This is news that we hardly expected. Stadia will no longer be on January 18, 2023. Google has indeed announced the end of its gaming service via the Cloud, which has never managed to find its audience. “Si Stadia’s approach was built on a strong technological foundation, andshe never got the user buy-in that was hoped for. We have made the difficult decision to begin phasing out our streaming service” can we read on the blog post of the announcement.

What about the few diehards who bought their games on it? Google has confirmed that ” all hardware purchases made from the Google Store and all games and DLCs on the Stadia store will be refunded “. Refunds for the majority of users are expected by mid-January 2023. Despite this bitter failure, Google is not giving up. “We remain deeply committed to gaming and will continue to invest in new tools, technologies, and platforms that drive success for developers, industry partners, customers, and cloud creators. »

From the outset, things were off to a bad start for Stadia. The service has never been able to conquer the players while the competition has become tougher against a particularly aggressive Microsoft or an Nvidia with good arguments. Internally things weren’t any better. Between studios closed overnight, lies, missed goals. And above all, Google’s habit of killing its projects a few years after their launch. So it was only a matter of time for Stadia.

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