Stadia: following the closure, the studios are mobilizing for your games

Stadia: following the closure, the studios are mobilizing for your games

Google Stadia is going into early retirement after only three years of service, abandoning the few subscribers who believed in the project and especially the developers. But they aren’t going to give up anytime soon.

Your Stadia games aren’t lost yet

Even if Stadia’s shutdown is somewhat abrupt, current subscribers won’t be harmed. Indeed, when announcing the shutdown of its cloud gaming platform, Google announced the full refund of purchases. This includes games, DLCs and the hardware part. We assume that the company is talking about the controller, which is not bluetooth compatible and only serves Stadia, or even Chromecast depending on the pack purchased.

All hardware purchases made from the Google Store and all games and DLC on the Stadia store will be refunded.

This is a first option, but the partner video game studios are considering another. Publisher Ubisoft is already working to transfer Stadia purchases to its Ubisoft Connect platform. The company will have more information and details ” later “.

On Bungie’s side, the “discussions have started” to see if it is also possible to proceed with such an action. IO Interactive also wants players to be able to continue living in the Assassination World from the Hitman trilogy.

To all our Hitman fans on Google Stadia. We hear you – we’re exploring options for you to continue your Hitman experience on other platforms.

Developers who were not warned

The backstage of this closure is not very good, because once again, Google made this decision and communicated it publicly without warning. The developers discovered the news like the players, on the internet, and were therefore caught off guard. If the Luxor Evolved studio had not planned a PlayStation, Xbox and Switch version of the game, it could have resulted in astronomical losses. A six-figure sum according to developer Rebecca Heineman (via Axios).

Beyond the financial problems that this closure may generate, Dylan Cuthbert, CEO of Q-Games, is worried about the preservation of PixelJunk Raiders. A Stadia exclusive released in 2021. The studio will look for other partners, but will the outcome be the one hoped for?

These new testimonies are eerily reminiscent of the lies of Phil Harrison (ex-PlayStation of the PS3 era) to employees of game studios before they were closed. And more generally, it reinforces the idea of ​​a bad end-to-end strategy.

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