SSD promo: the 2 TB PNY CS900, ideal for restoring an old family PC

SSD promo: the 2 TB PNY CS900, ideal for restoring an old family PC

There’s nothing like an SSD to rescue an old PC that’s slow and hard to boot. And that’s good: the PNY CS900, with a capacity of 2 TB, is currently on promotion at Cdiscount. By replacing the old hard drive with this device, your old generation computer will gain in speed and fluidity. You can thus continue to use it by changing a single piece, without breaking the bank.

The 2 TB PNY CS900 SATA SSD on sale at Cdiscount!

Today, 3 different options are available for computer data storage. You have the choice between hard disk drives (HDDs), SATA SDDs, such as the PNY CS900, and NVMe SSDs. These days, storing video games on HDD would be unwise. As for files and documents, it would be useless to put them on an NVMe SSD; so expensive that it would be a shame to use it for simple photos. The hard drive that offers the most versatility today is undoubtedly the SATA SSD.

The PNY brand SATA SSD is a very good example. With its 2 TB storage capacity and its advantageous characteristics, this hard drive is suitable for both gaming PCs and old desktop PCs. At the moment, it is sold at only €119.99 instead of €144.90 on Cdiscount. A boon !

The perfect SSD to save an old PC or store video games

Each storage solution has its pros and cons. Hard disk drives (HDDs) are available at a discount, but they are very long by today’s standards. SATA SSDs are a perfect solution for older PCs. These models make it possible to replace an HDD hard drive without having to make other changes. But that’s not all, the SATA SSD is also compatible with newer PCs for gamers and is an excellent storage device for games. And finally, SSDs with NVMe interface are even faster and perfect for gaming, but too expensive and require a special NVMe interface to connect to the computer.

The SATA SSD from PNY is therefore an excellent compromise. With its write speed of 550 MB/s and read speed of 530 MB/s, the difference at startup will be obvious on an old PC. Same for use. When compared to the HDD, with a speed of 30 to 150 MB/s, you quickly notice the difference.

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