Square Enix prepares the return of an unexpected license

A few hours from the Game Awards, Square Enix has just registered a new brand which could sign the return of a license that we did not especially expect, even if some fans will obviously be happy.

In the catalog of Square Enix, there are still many Western licenses, even if the publisher has offloaded part of its studios by reselling them to Embracer. It is also one of them who would prepare his big comeback.

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Square Enix could soon make a surprise announcement

While Tomb Raider or Deus Ex have left the ship, Square Enix has kept other licenses in its bag, including Just Cause, uninhibited GTA-like whose last episodes have not marked many people. And yet, it is this series that is making a name for itself just a few hours from the Game Awards. Coincidence? We will see it tonight, but in any case, the publisher is preparing something since it has just re-registered the brand with EUIPO, the European intellectual property service.

Square Enix prepares the return of an unexpected license

An unexpected return?

For now, we have absolutely no clue about the arrival of a new game. JustCause. As for Tales of Arise recently, this trademark filing can mean everything and nothing.
It may well be a new opus, a reboot or any other project bearing the name JustCause. It is therefore difficult to draw conclusions, but it remains surprising all the same since the last episodes of the license clearly did not mark the spirits. Just Cause 4 was even rather average in reality, and although there are many fans of the license, it’s hard to believe that Square Enix might want to capitalize on it again.
Especially since a few months ago, the latter did not hesitate to throw away much more popular licenses to refocus his teams and invest in the blockchain. However, it is obviously on the verge of being done. We just have to wait to see what kind of project will come out of it.

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