Square Enix: a cult license back soon? A disturbing clue

Square Enix: a cult license back soon? A disturbing clue

Does the resurgence of horror games give Square Enix any ideas? With the filing of Symbiogenesis, the Japanese publisher could resurrect a cult saga that includes elements of survival horror.

Parasite Eve fans? Because Square Enix would have the intention to relaunch the franchise…

Square Enix may announce a new Parasite Eve game

Our colleagues from Gematsu realized that Square Enix had secretly registered the trademark Symbiogenesis. Doesn’t that mean much to you? It’s normal. Symbiogenesis in French refers to the “merger of two separate organizations to form a single new organization”. A concept that reminds Parasite Eve fans of the series. And it is hard to see what else this Symbiogenesis could be associated with.

As a reminder, Parasite Eve is a cult game released on PS1 in 1998. There was then Parasite Eve 2 in 1999 on PlayStation 1 still, then The 3rd Birthday in 2011 on PSP. The series mixes action-RPG with survival horror mechanics, which was original to say the least, especially at the time. It is also an adaptation of the eponymous Japanese novel by Hideaki Sena.

If Square Enix does intend to resurrect the license, what form will it take? A Parasite Eve 4? A revisit of one or more previous games like FF7 Remake? Many may not know it and a soft reboot would be a possibility…

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