Splinter Cell: the license offers a totally unexpected adaptation

Splinter Cell: the license offers a totally unexpected adaptation

While the next game Splinter Cell is for the moment quite discreet, we can learn some surprising news. The license will have the right to an adaptation within the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). This is what we know for the moment.

Splinter Cell on the radio

A new audio adaptation officially titled Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Firewall is set to land on UK radio and will start broadcasting on BBC Radio 4 December 2, then every Friday at 2:15 p.m., for 30 minutes. It is the English actor Andonis Anthony who will have the honor of playing the character of Sam Fisher. The plot of this Splinter Cell work will revolve around Fisher’s recruitment and training of the next generation of Fourth Echelon agents.

Between that and the animated adaptation at Netflix, we can say that Ubisoft has managed a new master stroke to place its hero everywhere. Especially since for the series, on the writing and production side, it is Derek Kolstad who is none other than… one of the creators of John Wickjust that.

Difficult to imagine for the moment a French version of this audio saga and it will surely be necessary to be satisfied with the original version even if you are not gifted with the language of Shakespeare.

What do you think of a radio adaptation of Splinter Cell?

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