Splinter Cell Remake: first images unveiled, fans reassured

Ubisoft has just unveiled a series of first images for Splinter Cell Remake. Drastic changes or faithful game? Fans are reassured for now.

Splinter Cell Remake is only at the beginning of its development, but the French publisher is actively working on the project that has been requested for many years by fans. If the long-awaited game has lost one of its thinking heads, things seem to be moving forward internally. On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the license, Ubisoft has unveiled the first images of the remake which will already salivate the most hardcore fans.

First images for Splinter Cell Remake

We have news about Splinter Cell Remake. No job offer that reveals some necessary changes in advance, but official information. To celebrate 20 years of the license that we thought had been forgotten for a long time, Ubisoft has shared the first images of the game. At this stage of development, it is obviously about concept arts which tend to capture the artistic direction, the tone and the atmosphere of this Splinter Cell Remake. The editor takes advantage of this new video to confirm what we already knew: it will not be ” just a remaster “. Everything will be recreated from scratch with new assets.

We aim to create a high profile remake to help us build a solid foundation for the franchise going forward. explains Ubisoft. Splinter Cell Remake would therefore only be the beginning, and the developers are already thinking about the sequel if success is there. Few details are currently known about the game except that it will make many changes to the story and the narration in order to attract a new audience and reach a “modern audience”. The spirit and themes of the original game will still be retained, but the publisher wants to take advantage of this remake to make the characters and the universe “more authentic and believable “. No exit window has been advanced, we will have to take our troubles patiently before discovering the return of Sam Fisher.

Splinter Cell remake concept art
Splinter Cell Remake picture
Splinter Cell Remake picture
Splinter Cell Remake

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