Splinter Cell Remake: a major change that will delight fans

Splinter Cell Remake: a major change that will delight fans

Splinter Cell Remake has unveiled first images which should reassure fans of the original. But the latter will be shaken up in their habit with a major change.

To kill or not to kill, the choice of Splinter Cell Remake

Ubisoft has already announced the color: yes Splinter Cell Remake will be faithful to what you have known, but with necessary modifications and not only on the technical level. The story will for example be updated to adapt to characters as well as a more “authentic and credible”. What about the VF of Sam Fisher that we owe to Daniel Beretta, the French voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger? We will wait to see more clearly.

On the other hand, we have just learned of a major change: we will be able to do a run without killing anyone. It was perhaps possible in the 2002 version, but at the cost of a nameless headache, the game not having been designed for this purpose. There, as in Blacklist, we will have all the tools in hand to “defuse situations” without resorting to lethal means.

We want to give the player a bit more opportunity to defuse some of the situations.

Andy Schmoll, senior game designer, via GamesRadar.

Stealth is obviously a hugely important pillar for us, and we plan to incorporate modern design philosophies by enhancing the stealth gameplay that was so special in the original. Sam, as the ultimate secret agent, has an array of tools, skills, gadgets and moves at his disposal. All of these are meant to create moments of tension. You know there’s an enemy nearby,

If there is an enemy nearby that you haven’t spotted in time, Sam can jump and do the splits between two walls and thus avoid contact. He can anticipate by looking under doors and using his tools to find out where threats are located. We want to create these moments of tension where the player will also have to use these tools to react.

Chris Auty, creative director.

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