Splinter Cell Remake: a big announcement soon? Ubisoft tease

Splinter Cell Remake: a big announcement soon? Ubisoft tease

Would Ubisoft play with the fragile hearts of fans? The publisher published a tweet that ignited the Web this weekend. Should we see a teaser for an announcement around Splinter Cell Remake?

Splinter Cell Remake is only at the beginning of its development, but Ubisoft could reserve some surprises for this year. The players are in any case convinced of it, the fault of a simple Tweet from Ubisoft which says absolutely nothing. Explanations.

A Splinter Cell Remake announcement this year?

Splinter Cell Remake could be talked about again this year. In 2022, Ubisoft ignited the Web by unveiling the first images of the game on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the license. At this stage of development, it was obviously just concept art aimed at setting the tone and mood while capturing the artistic direction of this reimagining of the undercover juggernaut. The French publisher could, however, show more by the end of the year. Players are convinced of this since the publisher published a tweet with an image of the game on January 7 simply showing Sam Fisher’s famous glasses.

No message, no emoji or anything, just a visual and a hashtag that garnered more than 41.2K likes in the space of a few days. Since then, fans have been convinced that Ubisoft will give Splinter Cell Remake news again this year, potentially during its annual Ubisoft Forward. 2023 is in any case likely to be very announced on the publisher’s side. With Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, Skull & Bones, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, The Division Heartland, Beyond Good & Evil 2 or even the game Star Wars which would be enormous, the program for the next few years is loaded.

Building new license foundations

However, expectations should be tempered. Splinter Cell Remake is indeed only at the beginning of its development, and the teams must now compose without their director of development. If there is an announcement, it would only be images from an early alpha at best. “ We aim to create a high profile remake to help us build a solid foundation for the franchise going forward. “Explained Ubisoft during the last announcement around the game. One thing is certain, the fervor around the license is still there.

We remind you that the spirit and themes of the original game will be kept but not intact. Ubisoft wants to modernize them in order to make the characters and the universe “more authentic and believable “. The publisher will take the opportunity to correct some errors of the past. For example, it will be possible to run as a pacifist, that is to say without killing anyone, something very popular at the time.

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