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The Dreamworks Studios animated film Spirit: The Indomitable is released today in our theaters. A great adventure film in which Lucky meets the stallion Spirit. From what age to see this film in the cinema?


• Once upon a time : Lucky Prescott has very few memories of her late mother, Milagro Navarro, an equestrian stuntwoman in Miradero, a small town on the border of the Great American West. Like his mother, Lucky obeys neither rules nor constraints, which does not go without worrying his aunt Cora who raised the young girl until then on the East Coast. But after one too many pranks, Cora decides to bring her back to Miradero, to the ranch of her father, Jim. The young girl meets Spirit, a mustang as wild and untamed as herself, and two young riders, Abigail Stone and Pru Granger.

When a venal cowboy and his team plan to capture Spirit and his family in order to auction them off for a lifetime of toil and captivity, Lucky embarks his new friends on an exceptional adventure to save the horse that has inspired him. the love of freedom, the taste for life and which helped her to rediscover the heritage of her mother and the richness of her cultural roots, of which she had no idea.

• What they will love: The sequel to the 2002 feature film Spirit, the Stallion of the Plains, Spirit: The Indomitable is a true adventure and action film that will thrill kids and parents alike. Directed by Ennio Torresan Jr. and Elaine Bogan, to whom we owe the animated series Dragons: beyond the shores, the feature film does not require having seen the previous opus, nor the series broadcast currently on Netflix, Spirit: Riding Free.

However, the film from Dreamworks studios does not repeat with the series. Fans of the adventures of Lucky and his stallion Spirit will therefore not be disappointed.

In this unique adventure, the young girl, raised by her grandfather and her aunt, arrives in the small town of Miradero. The stubborn Lucky quickly befriends Spirit, a wild mustang, and 2 other little girls from the village who are passionate about horseback riding. A great friendship will be born between the heroines who will stop at nothing to save Spirit’s family.


Led by 3 young girls who are not cold-eyed, the feature film highlights diversity. Asked by DashFUN, the director Elaine Bogan underlines: “It’s important to have heroines from different cultures. In the end, Lucky, our heroine, will embrace and be proud of her Mexican heritage. I think that we are living in times conducive to this cultural integration which highlights the strength of young girls today.. “

If like the previous opus, Spirit: The Indomitable is a film about freedom and its meaning, this second part also addresses the themes of mourning, coming of age and self-assertion. Lucky must find her way, and will gradually reveal herself to herself. This adventure will allow him to grow and find his inner strength. Her friendship with Spirit will change her life, thanks to this adventure she finds the courage she needs to assume her new existence.

The filmmaker adds “This film also shows the influence that can have a relative who is no longer there, like Lucky’s deceased mother. The theme of the family is extremely important in this film. It’s the emotional glue we all need to find meaning in our lives.. “


• What may worry them: Spirit: The Indomitable begins with a performance scene in which Lucky’s mother dies. If nothing is clearly shown on the screen, this sequence can still worry the youngest. The heroine, brought up by her grandfather and her aunt, far from her father, is stubborn and does a lot of (big) nonsense. So much so that his grandfather decides to send him to the countryside during the summer.

The younger ones can then wonder and not understand the reason why Lucky’s father did not keep her by his side even though the girl was raised by her sympathetic aunt Cora.

Soon enough, Lucky comes face to face with horse thieves and witnesses human cruelty to animals in a scene where Spirit’s family is kidnapped. These sequences, as well as the many adventures that Lucky and her friends will go through to save the horses, can sometimes frighten children. But Lucky still manages to pull through and …

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