Spider-Man: this giant steals the Spider-Verse from Sony to Disney

Spider-Man: this giant steals the Spider-Verse from Sony to Disney

We can thus learn that a series produced by Sony Pictures studios has indeed just been announced, but the big surprise that it will not be entitled to broadcast on Disney + but on … Amazon Prime Video. This one has no connection with the saga with Tom Holland or the animated feature film. Spider-Man: Next Generation. So what to expect?

Spider-Man at Amazon

This new creation is called Silk: Spider Society and it’s a spin-off from The Adventures of Spidey that will center on the character of Cindy Moon, a heroine who was also bitten by a radioactive spider. Silk is simply its alias (silk in French).

Visibly Silk: Spider Society will be directed by showrunner Angela Kang, already behind the writing of the last seasons of the series walking dead. The good news is that the whole thing is produced by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the screenwriters of Spider-Man: Next Generation. So we have people with experience in the field of superheroes and it’s rather a good thing.

Finally the announcement does not come alone and it inaugurates a partnership between Sony studios and Amazon Studios for other derivative series on the universe of Spiderman. Knowing that, we should surely see something about the fan-favorite Venom.

What do you expect from a Spider-Man series about a character fromerived like like this ? Do you have expectationsare you?

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