Spider-Man No Way Home: Dr Strange First Picture


A new filming image of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has just leaked on the net. This features the first glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch back as Dr Strange for the purposes of the film.

Spider-Man: No Way Home – the multiverse is approaching

Expected on December 15, Spider-Man: No Way Home will be unheard of in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Third adventure of Tom Holland as Peter Parker, the feature film is once again directed by Jon Watts. But this third story is going to be a bit special. Indeed, the film will address the concept of multiverse. Because (or thanks) at the end of the series Loki, the MCU will finally develop this theme dear to comic book readers: alternative universes.

Spider-Man: No Way Home © Marvel Cinematic Universe

The feature film will therefore confront Spider-Man with a multitude of characters from other universes. So, in this logic, Alfred Molina will take over the role of Dr Octopus, which he held in Spider-man 2. Likewise, Jamie Foxx will come back in the shoes of Electro, the villain he played in The Amazing Spider-Man: Hero’s Fate. It is also rumored that Kirsten Dunst, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire could also return in the skin of their respective characters. If all this comes to pass, it would be a first in the history of cinema.

First Look at Dr Strange

In addition to all these characters, Benedict Cumberbatch will also be there. The actor will therefore resume the role of Dr Strange. The latter, responsible for protecting our reality, will have a lot to do. Because of Sylvie’s action at the end of Loki, our reality is turned upside down, and many doors to the multiverse have been opened. The Sorcerer Supreme will therefore try to bring all this back to normal.. Already in Spider-Man: No Way Home, then in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

So, fans got the first glimpse of Dr Strange on the set of Jon Watts’ movie. In a new photograph, shared by Not3CFilm, Dr Strange stands on the steps of Sanctum Santorum and greets Peter Parker, who is dressed in his weaver’s costume.

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