Spider-Man: in an old video Tom Holland predicts his future role


Become a star since he donned the Spider-Man costume in 2016, Tom Holland has become inseparable from the character he has played for 5 years. However, the actor is more diviner than previously believed, as evidenced by an old video in which he predicts his future role as Spider-Man.

Tom Holland: The Gem of the MCU

What’s not to like Tom Holland? Young, talented, handsome, and a bit blundering (his accidental spoils have become habits that make his fans laugh), the actor quickly became a big Hollywood star.

Thus, after starting his career in 2008 in the musical Billy Elliot: The Musical, the British actor made his first steps in cinemas in 2012 with the film The Impossible. Thanks to his solid service, he multiplies the projects, mixing auteur films (Now this is my life, Locke) and blockbusters (In the heart of the ocean).

In 2015, his career takes a turn as he is hired to play Spider-Man in the MCU movies. The actor then made a solid entry into Captain America: Civil War, playing a Peter Parker just as funny and talkative as in the comics. The result is triumphant, and Spider-Man subsequently benefits from two solo films: Spider-Man Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from home.

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) – Spider-Man: Homecoming © Marvel Studios

This new popularity allows him to obtain equally prestigious roles. such as Nathan Drake in the upcoming film adaptation of the video game Uncharted.

When TikTok brings out an old file

Today, nothing prevents Internet users from being able to find old tweets or videos of the biggest stars of entertainment. This was the case for Tom Holland.

Indeed, a video of the actor on the red carpet has resurfaced on TikTok. Tom Holland can be seen responding to reporters during this event organized in part by Empire magazine. At this time, we are in 2014: the actor is 18 years old and is still almost unknown to the general public. He then indulges in somewhat premonitory words:

What kind of superhero would I want to play? Maybe I need to prepare to play Spider-Man in ten years for the reboot reboot.

Finally, Tom Holland had hit the nail on the head, although he was wrong about the time it would take before he played Spider-Man.

The actor will once again wear the Spider-Man costume in Spider-Man: No Way Home, scheduled for December 15, 2021.

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