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Present only a few moments at the beginning of “Spider-Man”, the little blue and red spider which bites Peter Parker on the wrist nevertheless has a primary role in Sam Raimi’s film. But how was it carried out?

We are at the very beginning of the first Spider-Man, directed by Sam Raimi in 2002. With his class, Peter Parker visits the laboratory at Columbia University, and in particular an entire department dedicated to the study of spiders.

Too busy photographing Mary Jane, the young man does not seem to notice that one of the critters has escaped from his cage, and dangerously spins his web in the direction of his wrist. Arrived at its destination, the curious spider – a genetically modified mutant specimen, red and blue in color – plants its mandibles in Peter’s hand, endowing him with extraordinary powers.

Everyone knows the story. But if the sequence still works very well, almost 20 years after the film’s release, it is undoubtedly thanks to the realism of the spider itself. Indeed, as we learn in the audio commentary of Spiderman, real beasts were used to bring it to life.

“Sat [Raimi] had a strong idea about the appearance of the spider that was going to bite Peter “, says producer Laura Ziskin. “We were shooting in the winter. Spiders are summer creatures, so the breeder had to look for them in New Zealand and Australia. On the first day he arrived with a box full of spiders. We were all there, a little disgusted and a little fascinated watching him play with his spiders. “

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Real specimens imported from the other side of the world, therefore. But how did the director of Spider-Man go about giving his spider such vivid blue and red colors? The answer is more prosaic than you might think:

“In most of the scenes, we have a real black widow with a ‘dress'”, explains Sam Raimi. “It’s a small shell placed on the spider’s abdomen that you can paint without hurting it. In other scenes, the spider was created by [le responsable des effets spéciaux] John Dykstra and his incredible team of graphic designers and technicians. They reproduced the real spider very well. “

If the creature that we see on the screen is sometimes the product of digital creations, many shots of the film therefore show us a real spider, “costumed” for the occasion.

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