Spider Man Across The Spider Verse: A New Movie Preview

When it was released in theaters in 2018, Spider Man Into the Spider Verse had the effect of a bomb. The Sony and Marvel adaptation was such a critical and commercial success that a sequel was quickly in the works. Repeatedly postponed, Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse is now being talked about again with a new image and unpublished information.

Pictures and info for Spider Man Across The Spider Verse

Still scheduled for June 2, 2023, Spider-Man Across The Spider Verse will center on the romance between Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy (Spider-Woman). A new threat will come to undermine this nascent idyll: The Spot. The sequel to the hit animated film will feature six different dimensions, for as many versions of Spider-Man. Today the empire magazine explains that each of them will bring a different style of animation.

The first film had a dominant animation style. This one has six. So we take these tools, we add everything we learned about The Mitchells Vs The Machines, and we push them even further to stick with the ambition of this film which is to amaze you every time you enter a new environment. It’s also making sure that the style of the film reflects its story and that the images are driven by feelings, as opposed to some blind art projects. What is also the film moreover.

Phil Lord – producer of Spider Man Across The Spider-Verse


A style for each universe

As the magazine explains, the style of the first film played with the frame rate to tell the story of Miles Morales. A daring technique that required expert precision. Spider-Man Across The Spider Verse intends to outdo everything that made its predecessor so special. As its name suggests, the film will offer an epic journey through several realities.

The two you saw in the teaser are Earth-50101, which we call ‘Mumbattan’ – which is based on the look of an Indian comic book – and Nueva York from the world of Spider-Man 2099. It’s based on Syd Mead’s style of illustrations of what the future might look like. There’s also Gwen’s world, which is Earth-65. It was a watercolor style reminiscent of the covers of his comics “, explains Christopher Miller, also producer of the film. Other information and images could arrive in the hours to come, as was the case with Indiana Jones 5. According to several rumors, Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse could reserve nice surprises for fans of the MCU as well as the video game of ‘Insomniac Games. Two iconic characters could indeed be part of the cast.

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