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In a fourth opus envisaged by Sam Raimi, the Spider-Man had to face the formidable Vulture. Recently uploaded by a film artist, a sequence in the form of a storyboard reveals a violent duel between the two characters.

After facing off against the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, the Sandman and Venom in Sam Raimi’s famous trilogy, it was against Mysterio and the Vulture – two other famous villains from the original comic books – that had to fight Spider-Man in a fourth installment that ultimately never saw the light of day.

Even though he’s back at Marvel Studios today with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (expected for March 23, 2022), Sam Raimi could not offer his dear Peter Parker the last adventure he had concocted for him.

Yet thanks to a montage of storyboards recently unveiled by artist David E. Duncan who was working on the project, today we can find out what the fight between Spider-Man and the Vulture was supposed to look like.

On the roof of Citicorp and under the eyes of Mary Jane, this violent semi-aerial confrontation, based on broken windows and sharp blades, turns out to be particularly brutal and ends in the debacle of the Vulture, which flies away. wing in the streets of New York after seriously injuring his opponent.

Even though he didn’t have the chance to take on Spider-Man in front of Sam Raimi’s camera, the dreaded Vulture nonetheless faced Spider-Man in 2017 in Spider-Man: Homecoming., where he was played by Michael Keaton.

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