South Park: we know more about the next game

South Park: we know more about the next game

Here is good news for fans of subversive humor, a new South Park game is in development at the Austrians of THQ Nordic.

During the THQ Nordic conference, which was an opportunity to unveil some of the projects in development at the publisher, we were able to learn 43 games were in development, 26 of which were still unannounced. However during the conference the number 26 was crossed out and we could hear the character of Randy Marsh (the father of Stan in South Park) shouting “hot hot hot” as well as a noise of “enjoyment”.

South Park in development

This is where the South Park Digital Studios logo appeared on screen. No more room for doubt, a new game is therefore in development. After having shuttled between Acclaim, Microsoft and Ubisoft, it is now THQ Nordic who owns the rights. And we obviously hope that this time the classic French version is present in the game, unlike The Annale of Destiny.

Note also that this last game of 2017 was originally to be published by THQ, before the company went bankrupt and the project was taken over by Ubisoft. Obviously Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been working on this new South Park game for a year already since in 2021 we learned via a report by Bloomberg that the two men were already supervising a new game.

What do you expect from a new SP game? Do you think publisher THQ Nordic will take better care of the license?

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