Soon a big Nintendo Direct with several Zelda games?

Soon a big Nintendo Direct with several Zelda games?

While the Nintendo Direct in September seems assured, serious rumors are circulating about its content. It would be placed under the sign of Zelda.

No need to be a diviner or to be called Jeff Grubb to know that there will be a traditional Nintendo Direct in September. However, the journalist from Giant Bomb goes there cheerfully with his little rumor and the next presentation could be particularly rich in announcements. Especially for Zelda fans.

The September Nintendo Direct with Zelda games?

L’insider well-informed is formal: 100% there is a Nintendo Direct in September. It’s that simple. If no date is advanced, part of the content of this presentation would already be known. Big N’s back-to-school program could be busy and the Japanese publisher is planning to announce two new The Legend of Zelda games. Finally new it is quickly said, since it would be Nintendo Switch ports of The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

And some other surprises too? Jeff Grubb more or less implied that these would not be the only other Zelda games that could be present at the Nintendo Direct. Should we expect other remakes or ports? Or even some news from Zelda Breath of the Wild 2? Nothing is less sure. Ditto for the famous Metroid Prime Remaster regularly subject to rumors. “ I heard about it, it seems to be announced at an event like this », gropes theinsider. All these declarations nevertheless remain to be taken conditionally as long as Nintendo has not made the much-awaited announcement.

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