Sony signs on for a fantastic new PS5 and PS4 exclusive

Sony signs on for a fantastic new PS5 and PS4 exclusive

And it is on the side of the Chinese industry that Sony has once again set its sights. In full expansion, not to say explosion, Chinese video games are currently on the rise and promise very nice things. This is the case here with Convallaria, a fantasy-trend shooter coming soon to PS5 and PS4. At first glance, the app smells of science fiction and is also very reminiscent of Lost Planet, Capcom’s defunct license which took its first steps on Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2007.

PS5 and PS4 will soon have their Lost Planet

Developed by Loong Force studio, Convallaria therefore presents itself as a particularly nervous multiplayer TPS mixing classic PvE with massive PvP for up to 100 players. Fighters will have to complete various missions and take down huge bosses while keeping an eye out for possible human enemies. The software does not yet have a release date, but has been in development for several years already and would be a PS5 and PS4 exclusive. In any case, the project manager, Xu Min, said he was particularly happy with this new partnership with Sony.

Over the past few years of development, we faced many challenges, but thanks to funding and help from Sony and our partners, the team was able to overcome many difficulties. Now we look forward to being able to share more information about Convallaria.

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