Sonic Prime: the Netflix series offers a trailer and it’s canon

Finally, the series Sonic Prime can be discovered a little via a real trailer (2 minutes), allowing you to learn more about the story and to discover more about the animation and the design of the characters. Obviously, it looks very coherent and respectful of the universe of the blue hedgehog.

Netflix finally shows its Sonic Prime


sonic is going to be sent to alternate worlds after the Dr.Robotnik destroyed a strange crystal. Here is the official scenario that we can read on Netflix about it:

When an explosive fight with Eggman shatters the universe, Sonic travels to alternate dimensions to reunite with his friends and save the world.

The first episodes of Sonic Prime will be broadcast exclusively on netflix from December 15, 2022, we should therefore have a great series for Christmas that stems from video games to get your teeth into. It remains to be seen of course if the “ultras” fans will find something to complain about. But for the moment, the general opinion, this series seems quite exciting.

For the moment we can see Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big, Rouge and of course this damn Dr.Robotnik. The whole clique seems to be there. Maybe we will also have the opportunity to see Shadow in this Sonic series?

What do you personally expect from an N seriesetflix ?

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