Sonic: one of the most popular episodes back?

Does SEGA plan to bring back an old Sonic game, acclaimed by gamers, to delight the most nostalgic? A clue asks…

Unlike past games in the franchise, Sonic Frontiers disappointed and divided the community. Some defend it and seem to really appreciate it, others, on the other hand, absolutely do not adhere to the proposal or consider that the quality is insufficient. Could a step back make everyone agree?

Spoiler alert on an island and scene from the last game!!!!!


A remaster of a Sonic game in progress at SEGA?

The development team heard the criticisms on Sonic Frontiers, without knowing what this means for the future of the franchise. Will the open world still be there? And the fights? It will be necessary to wait. But what interests us right now is the discovery of modder SPEEPSHighway, an expert on the game Sonic Adventure.

According to him, SEGA is preparing a remaster of this oft-cited episode, which was released on Dreamcast at the time. To support his point, the youtubeur is based on a flashback cutscene broadcast when the player arrives on the third island of the last episode, in which we see Tails.

A scene taken directly from Sonic Adventure. He then tried to decompose the image, removing the filters applied, and found differences between the Frontiers version, the original on Dreamcast, and the DX edition. It will be more telling with his explanations, but for him, it’s a sign that SEGA may be working on a remaster for current machines.

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