Sonic Frontiers: for gamers, the GOTY is him!

Sonic Frontiers: for gamers, the GOTY is him!

Players have decided, Sonic Frontiers is currently the best game of the year.

While it’s arguably Sega’s most ambitious Sonic game, Sonic Frontiers has received mixed, albeit mostly positive, reception. But for a good part of the players, with all due respect to the haters, the title would surpass Elden Ring and would currently be THE game of the year, long before the Game Awards 2022 nominees.

Sonic Frontiers, better thanElden Ring according to players

This is in any case what emerges from Metacritic. The site reveals that Sonic Frontiers has a significantly higher rating than other games of the year (although this one will certainly move). Titles like Elden Ring (7.8) or Horizon Forbidden West (8) get knocked off the post by the blue hedgehog, which has a user score of 8.4 at the time of this writing. A score equivalent to that of God of War Ragnarok by the way.
So, yes, for now, there are far fewer votes than the competition, but the performance is there and above all shows that the players are quite satisfied with the hedgehog’s new adventure.

An honest launch and a bright future for Sonic

Globally, Sonic Frontiers works quite well and even succeeded in its launch at full speed. For example, it succeeded in beating all license attendance records on Steam with a peak of around 20,000 simultaneous players, far ahead of the last title contender, Sonic Mania. Note also that here too the game has an extremely positive rating from the players.

Sonic Frontiers would therefore be on track to be a small success and SEGA must already be rubbing its hands. It will still be necessary to wait even longer to see if the publisher finds himself there completely in the medium and long term. As a reminder, the firm was betting very big on this new episode and even wanted to use it as a basis for a whole new generation of games.
In addition, there is little, SEGA launched a job offer to go in search of a new “Lore Manager”. The goal? Create a real extended universe with the hedgehog and all his crew. Especially since in parallel, the two film adaptations have been a hit with the public to such an extent that a third film is already in the works and here too an extended universe is planned. The mascot is therefore doing very well and still has very good days ahead of it.

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