Sonic Frontiers: fans are not recovering from the defeat

Sonic Frontiers: fans are not recovering from the defeat

The Game Awards 2022 ceremony ended four days ago, and yet, the war between the “fans” of Sonic Frontiers and those of Genshin Impact has not ended.

Genshin Impact 1 – Sonic Frontiers 0

For players who had to vote for the GOTY 2022, Elden Ring Where God of War Ragnarok simply didn’t exist. After three rounds, the community placed Genshin Impact at the top of the votes and Sonic Frontiers. A greatly questioned podium which is at the origin of a squabble between the worshipers of the blue hedgehog and those of the gacha of miHoYo. Some do not yet accept that the mascot of SEGA could have lost following this ceremony.

We start with two relatively good-natured posts, especially the first, which reinvents the outcome of the vote in its own way by tampering with Geoff Keighley’s video announcement. “Congratulations, you unlocked the true ending” he adds.

Using the Predator meme, @TheChadSukiruzu considers that fans have clearly been robbed and Sonic Frontiers as Xenoblade Chronicles 3 deserved at least one prize each.

But now, after the announcement, there were also simply incredible drifts. On Reddit or Twitter, toxicity won out. Overly pissed off fanatics poured out their hate with abusive and racist comments, harassment campaigns and other death threats. If the moderation of the Sonic Frontiers subbreddit has generally done its job in cleaning up all this, it is more complicated on Twitter where certain messages persist. One of the Internet users considers for his part “losing the battle but not the war”.

Note that there have also been invectives and drifts on the side of the community of Genshin Impact with players who, in one case as in the other, fortunately do not represent the basic fans.

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