Sonic Frontiers: critics are heard but the game is a hit

Sonic Frontiers: critics are heard but the game is a hit

Despite the many criticisms of it, Sonic Frontiers is already enjoying some success. Has the series found its new formula for the next games?

Despite mixed reviews, it all seems to be rolling record-breaking Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers finds its audience

PC gamers shrugged off the criticisms leveled at Sonic Frontiers and gave it one hell of a franchise-best start. On Steamit brought together 19,181 people simultaneously against 11,000 for Sonic Mania, the previous record holder.

A performance that validates the choices of developers? Director Morio Kishimoto sees this outing as a life-size test:

We look at reviews from critics and players. As you pointed out, we still have a long way to go, and we take this seriously as a global playtest.

Via GamesRadar.

Feedback on Sonic Frontiers is therefore closely scrutinized, without us knowing if the Sonic Team will take up this formula to improve its defects. In the negative points, we had noted a generic and empty open world, a dated technique or an extreme repetitiveness in the very structure of the game.

The success or not on consoles should also weigh in the balance, because for the moment, the only data of Steam do not make it possible to confirm a total card of the title.

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