Sonic Frontiers: an eye-bleeding Switch trailer and interesting details

Sonic Frontiers was Nintendo Direct Mini intended to promote future third-party games. And of course, SEGA came with a gameplay trailer for the Switch version. The rendering will not reconcile the detractors with the game.

Sonic Frontiers hurts the eyes on Switch

Sonic Frontiers has released Nintendo Switch gameplay for the first time and it really isn’t famous. Unfortunately, the technical flaws are even more striking there. Whether it’s clipping, details or definition, the blue hedgehog leaves hairs there.

Past the graphical disappointment, SEGA’s game gave interesting information about it in different areas to steer “players who did not understand”. This episode of the revival will combine linear levels with an open area with a world map “bigger than ever”. Ah! A very important detail. The exploration of Starfall Islands will begin with its first environment Kronos Island.

Sonic will first explore Kronos Island. Its terrain and climate are made up of rain, great waterfalls, lush forests, mountains and towers levitating in the air. The ruins that dot the island appear to be home to the ancient Koco people.

Classic levels

Old-school high-speed platforming passages will be accessible in Sonic Frontiers cyberspace. But you will first have to solve puzzles and pass challenges to reach these classic levels. The open world will be full of fights, puzzles (to improve Sonic), side quests, conversations and hidden portions.

The map is filled with accesses to cyberspace built by the ancient civilization of Starfall Islands. Sonic fans will have the ability to solve puzzles and complete challenges to win portal mechanics and access cyberspace, where they will find classic high-speed platforming levels. Cyberspace challenges allow you to obtain unit keys necessary for the progression of the adventure.

Sonic Frontiers: an eye-bleeding Switch trailer and interesting details

A new mechanic and two styles of play

As we have seen, in Sonic Frontiers, the blue hedgehog will distribute punches and kicks to his enemies, in addition to adding a dodge, parry and counters. But for those who don’t want to look for combos, there will be an auto mode. You may also have wondered about the mechanic of encircling opponents, it’s a new “Run-loop” ability.

Sonic has a new skill called “Run-loop” allowing him to create a line of light on his trajectory. It will allow him to surround enemies, objects and the environment to create various effects and reveal the secrets of Starfall Islands.

Finally, know that you will have two control styles: action or speed. The first allows for more precision and seems more permissive for beginners, and the second focuses on speed which could lead to more errors on the part of the player.

Sonic Frontiers is expected in 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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