Sonic Frontiers: a new patch available everywhere. What’s new ?

Sonic Frontiers: a new patch available everywhere. What's new ?

Like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Sonic Frontiers is not free from bugs and other flaws. Problems that are partly corrected in the latest patch.

Sonic Frontiers goes to version 1.10, what’s new

Is the blue hedgehog in better shape with the new Sonic Frontiers update 1.10? According to the changelog of the patch available on consoles and PC, it looks like it. This update includes a number of fixes to address issues often encountered by players. This concerns audio issues, crashes, stability and performance. The gameplay has also received optimizations.

All the new features of patch 1.10 of Sonic Frontiers :

  • Fixed random crashes
  • Troubleshoot audio issues
  • Added UI improvements
  • Added gameplay optimizations
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Other minor fixes

And for the rest ? SEGA has heard criticism for the future but promising debut on Steam should confirm the studio on the direction to keep for the franchise. Despite the negative feedback, some players are completely in love. Users for whom Sonic Frontiers is already THE game of the year ahead of big names like God of War Ragnarok, Elden Ring Where Horizon Forbidden West.

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