Snow White: we know who will play the new princess in the live action


Why change a formula that works? Disney intends to continue to bring its classics up to date with live-action remakes. A new film on Snow White is in the works and it is an actress whom we will hear a lot about in the coming years who has been chosen to play the princess.

Snow White: the oldest Disney princess

Disney is tackling the rereading of a monument in its history. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the very first animated feature film released by the studio, in 1937. Suffice to say that the princess holds a completely separate place in the Disney universe and she will not therefore escape a new version in real shots. The story, if it is necessary to recall it, tells the adventures of Snow White, a heroine who suffers the jealousy of the Queen. The latter asks the hunter to kill her rival so that she becomes the most beautiful in the whole kingdom. However, he cannot accomplish this task and lets the princess escape. In her flight, she meets the seven Dwarves but the Queen has not said her last word.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs © The Walt Disney Pictures

Disney recruits Rachel Zegler

We know since 2019 that Disney is preparing a remake, with Marc Webb directing. The director is responsible for the little indie marvel that is (500) Days Together and the two Spider-Man films that came out at Sony before Marvel came to pick up the character for the MCU. The project takes a big step forward with the arrival on board of the headliner. Deadline reveals that the main role will be played by Rachel Zegler.

West Side Story
West Side Story © Walt Disney Studios Distribution

Journalist Justin Kroll explains in a tweet that the producers have met dozens of actresses for the role, including young star Olivia Rodrigo:

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