Snake Eyes: a new action-packed trailer


The “GI Joe” franchise gets a new start on the big screen with “Snake Eyes”, a prequel centered on the eponymous character. A new trailer continues to sell us an action-packed feature film.

GI Joe’s are back

With $ 678 million collected between them, previous GI Joe films have not been overwhelming successes. The same can also be said artistically. The toy brand will however return to our screens with Snake Eyes, a kind of reboot / prequel centered on the hero with the same name. We had met him in the movies when Ray Park played him, but it is no longer this actor who will be in the costume. Henry Golding was chosen to take over and it is on this project that rests the responsibility to relaunch the GI Joe in theaters. If successful, we can expect more films to emerge.

Theorigin story by Snake Eyes

As shown the new trailer, it will be a question of the Cobra organization, famous entity against which the heroes of the franchise fight. So we should learn more about the contours of the universe, as well as the origins of Snake Eyes. A warrior who became a member of the Arashikage clan after saving the life of one of the members. But his loyalty will be severely tested by the soldiers of Cobra. It will also be about his tumultuous relationship with Storm Shadow (Andrew Koji), his dear brother. We can also meet Scarlett (Samara Weaving), La Baronne (Ursula corbero) and Akiko (Haruka Abe), well-known characters in the GI Joe universe.

Snake Eyes (Henry Gosling) – Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins © Paramount Pictures

It is better not to step too far so as not to expose yourself to disappointment, but this Snake Eyes looks like a good action movie with some spectacular scenes. We will even say that it seems to lay new foundations which will finally allow to have an adaptation to the height of the base material. The film is directed by Robert Schwentke and is due to arrive in our theaters on August 18th. We will be watching its reception, but there is no doubt that Paramount and Hasbro must have some ideas in mind for the future of GI Joe’s. Last year, he said to himself that another project was already in the pipeline.

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