Skyrim comes out on Switch and it’s a disaster

Skyrim comes out on Switch and it's a disaster

It’s almost become a running gag, but Skyrim is available pretty much everywhere, in every flavor imaginable. And this Anniversary Edition Switch seems to be in big trouble.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Anniversary Edition has been available since November 11, 2021 on all media except the Nintendo Switch, which was entitled to this honor a few days ago when this news was written. Overall it’s a classic version of the game but with additional quests, armor and game modes which is also charged at a high price. On Switch, for example, you still have to pay 60 euros, which does not fail to make players scream.

An expensive version of Skyrim with bugs

But the worst is that for this price you obviously have the right to a rather catastrophic version of Skyrim on Nintendo Switch. So as reported Nintendo Lifemany gamers have reported issues, the main issue being pretty awful framerate drops and frequent crashes.

What’s worse is that if you just reinstall the Vanilla game without the Anniversary Edition content, it’s back to running smoothly like before the update..

Something must have gone wrong with the add-ons.

You can follow this picturesque adventure via the forum Reddit and in particular the kind of videos below:

Besides Reddit, people are naturally also complaining on Skyrim’s social media:

Hey @ElderScrolls @bethesda so since this Switch version update there are serious frame rate issues in some cities but mainly in Riften the update is great to have on Switch but we need a patch to get everything back to how it was!

Hopefully Bethesda can react quickly to all this.

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