Skull & Bones finally ready to lift the veil on its release date?

Skull & Bones finally ready to lift the veil on its release date?

After long years of absence, Skull & Bones should soon represent its gameplay, its mechanics and lift the veil on its release date.

The wait will have been long. First shown at E3 2017, Skull & Bones has had a rough development to say the least. The app has been sailing in troubled waters for a few years to the point that some wondered if it would ever arrive safely. A gameplay video that recently leaked has revived hopes, and the game at the base inspired by the naval battles of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag would finally be ready to redo the presentations.

Soon gameplay and a release date for Skull & Bones?

The crossing was stormy, but Skull & Bones is finally ready to drop anchor. This is in any case what says the very well informed Tom Henderson, who announces that the game would return the week of July 4 with a new presentation. The opportunity for Ubisoft to show the new plastic of its project, its gameplay but also to reveal its release date.

Unsurprising news since after a big leak of the game, the French publisher had shared its intention to reveal Skull & Bones more fully in the future. The game has in any case been listed with Brazilian and Australian organizations recently. It certainly won’t be long before Ubisoft confirms the information. See you in the coming weeks.

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