Sims 4: an ultra nasty bug that ruins the player experience

Sims 4: an ultra nasty bug that ruins the player experience

A pretty nasty bug is currently ruining the experience of many players in The Sims 4. Unfortunately it won’t be fixed right away

If all eyes are on The Sims 5 and its first leaks, The Sims 4 continues on its merry way. Now free for everyone, the basic game released 8 years ago is regularly updated. And as proved by a update who had suddenly authorized incest, things don’t always go as planned. Lately it’s a very nasty bug that’s been rampant, in the literal sense of the term. However, Maxis has no plans to fix it anytime soon.

Very Nasty Sims 4 Bug Will Be Fixed In December

Recently, an update to The Sims 4 turned originally sweet-ass lambs into moody, mean goons who constantly argue with each other. For some it becomes a hilarious feature, for others it’s an annoying bug. The issue should have been fixed last week, but EA Maxis has to postpone theupdate saving. The developers will eventually patch the issue in early December at the earliest, as the update isn’t quite there yet.

“NoHotfix for Super Aggressive/Evil Sims was supposed to go live today, however it’s been pushed back to early December “, announced the developers a few days ago. Your characters will therefore continue to shout at each other for no reason for a few more weeks. In The Sims 4, how they behave 4 depends solely on the traits you assign to them. A calm and kind Sim should normally be benevolent towards his neighbor. Instead, they’re going to go fry with the whole neighborhood. A bug that undermines the intentions of players for their character, which are at the heart of the stories they create and their gaming experience. We will have to deal with it until next month.

As a reminder, The Sims 4 still has two bright days ahead of it. Starting next year, two new expansions will be released, while Maxis will continue to roll out Stuff Packs regularly. What fans are waiting for, however, is the arrival of this feature requested since the release of the game, 8 years ago: the possibility of interacting with toddlers other than in their crib.

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