Silent Hill Townfall: an intriguing new game from an unexpected studio

Silent Hill Townfall: an intriguing new game from an unexpected studio

We continue the Silent Hill announcements with in this case a completely new game. This is Silent Hill Townfall.

Silent Hill Townfall debuts on PS5 and PC

What a night for survival horror fans! In addition to Silent Hill 2 Remake, here is Silent Hill Townfall. A brand new game, more than 10 years after Downpour, developed by No Code. The studio behind Stories Untold or Observation, which was already doing psychological horror. It will be published by Annapurna Interactive (12 Minutes, Stray, Outer Wilds). The rumor was therefore true.

Apart from the trailer, which is difficult to decipher, we haven’t learned much, but here are the few words from the studio’s artistic director.


My name is Jon McKellan. I’m the art director of No Code, and we’re working on Silent Hill. I played the original Silent Hill in 1999. And I’ve remained a fan of this video game. So I am delighted to participate in the creation of this game with my colleagues from Annapurna. I feel like my dream is coming true. I am honored to contribute to the creation of a new title in this series. We have added new elements while respecting the original. SH is an inspiration for No Code. The previous two games were psychological horror games with new codes. We have integrated these stories and experiences into the game design, audio, visuals and all aspects of our UI. The trailer only shows part of it and we can’t show you more yet. Now we are going to delve into creation for a while longer. But we can’t wait to come back a new year with a new video.

No platforms or exit window.

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