Silent Hill Townfall already reveals its first secrets

What if Silent Hill Townfall had actually revealed a lot more information than we think?

The hidden messages of Silent Hill Townfall

Apart from Silent Hill 2 Remake, which had its incredible, very telling trailer, all the other games announced, including Silent Hill Townfall, have been discreet to say the least. The developers of this title nevertheless hinted that there were elements to interpret in the video.

The trailer only shows part of it and we can’t show you more yet.

The fans therefore went in search of clues and the fishing was fruitful. On the small portable video device, we very briefly see a first sentence “This flesh is weak”that is “This flesh is weak” with three dots, a dash and three dots. SOS in Morse code.

The Reddit Forumer MilkManEX downloaded the trailer for him, then converted it into an MP3 file for spectral analysis. This allows deep examination of the signals and surprise, there is a hidden text message. “Whatever heart this town had has now stopped” Where “The heart of this city has stopped” in French.

Silent Hill Townfall already reveals its first secrets

Some even think they hear “Wow, is that really Alessa” at the 33rd second. Alessa for Alessa Gillespie who is a recurring character who appeared from the first game and even in adapted by Christophe Gans. At 45 seconds, others are convinced that it is Valtiel seen Silent Hill 3. Reality or fantasy of Internet users for these two details, we will not know for the moment.

NoCode and Annapurna Interactive also posted an image of a house that looks the same. Except that according to @yApth0, this is not the case and there would still be a well camouflaged sentence “I don’t know how to leave” that is “I don’t know how to leave / leave this house”.

The name of the game in relation to the scenario?

Another theory has also surfaced on Reddit and it’s tied directly to the title’s name. Indeed, Silent Hill Townfall could be a pun with “The Fall of the City”. If one relies on this hypothesis, then the story could be very interested in the city of Silent Hill and its supernatural origins.

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