Silent Hill f: a new game that shakes up the universe of the franchise

Silent Hill f: a new game that shakes up the universe of the franchise

There you go, we close the video game announcements for the Konami series with Silent Hill f. A game that will take the player to a dream destination to experience a nightmare.

Silent Hill f: goodbye USA, hello Japan

Konami has pulled one last card up its sleeve: Silent Hill f. A title that will abandon the fictional American town of Silent Hill for a very scary place in Japan of the 60s.

It will be an all-new story set in 1960s Japan featuring a beautiful but also gruesome world. The game is written by Ryūkishi07, known for his Japanese visual novels that deal with murder mystery, psychological and supernatural horror.

A description that sticks with the images. On the one hand, we have something very inspired with elements of Japanese folklore, but also horror because the situation quickly turns sour for the young schoolgirl in very bad shape.

In development, there is Ryūkishi07 (When They Cry) for the writing, kera a character and creature designer as well as the producer Motoi Okamoto. A former Nintendo who notably worked on Luigi’s Mansion. As for the main studio, it is the Taiwanese of NeoBards who take care of it.

NeoBards have co-developed titles with Capcom such as Resident Evil Origins Collection, Onimusha: Warlords and are the creators of Resident Evil multiplayer games (Re: Verse and Resident Evil Resistance).

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