Silent Hill 2 Remake: big changes to expect, what to be afraid of?

Silent Hill 2 Remake: big changes to expect, what to be afraid of?

Silent Hill 2 is definitely a cult game, and while the remake is expected, a lot of fans are still worried. But Bloober wants to reassure us, the game will be the same, except for a few details.

After years of absence, Konami has decided to pull out all the stops for the big comeback of silent Hill. No less than four games have already been announced and presented, a secret project is under development and a film will also soon arrive in our dark rooms. Among the big games to come, we find Silent Hill 2 Remake, developed by Bloober Team (The Medium, Layers of Fear). The game should also arrive on consoles and PC later this year, although it is still quite discreet.

A scary remake

A title eagerly awaited by fans and which has very clearly raised the hype, but also the concern. Silent Hill 2 is a decidedly cult game, even legendary for some, and many feel that this remake is not a good idea. At the time, the game impressed by its atmosphere and its proportion to install fear, but it is also good to note that it is also because of several technical limitations, as for the first opus moreover, that the game was also creepy.
The camera angles, the fog and the reduced display distance, so many sleights of hand that managed to create an almost constant fear in addition to having helped the developers not to trip over the carpet.

But in the age of PS5s and superpowered PCs, technology has evolved a lot since then, as have trends and standards, which Bloober has decided to comply with. This is where some fans thought things were most definitely going to get out of hand, and the fear of a failed remake is high. However, Bloober has resources and in an interview for DreadXPthe studio returned to the big changes brought by the remake, while trying to reassure the fans.

Silent Hill 2 Remake will be like before, only better

The first big change, and not the least, is undoubtedly the transition to the camera on the shoulder. Fixed camera angles are no more and Silent Hill 2 Remake opts for controls similar to what can be found in Resident Evil 2 Remake or The Evil Within 2. With this new angle of view, the entire combat system has also been redesigned. But if some mechanics have been modernized, Bloober Team ensures that the game will retain everything that made Silent Hill 2 original, a cult game.

We are focused on bringing back the distinct and visceral atmosphere in this Silent Hill 2 remake. Long-time fans needn’t worry, we won’t “miss the boat”. We’re sticking faithfully to the story of the original game, while overhauling the gameplay and reworking the graphics from the beginning. These are the reasons Konami gave us the remake in the first place. One of the big visible changes is the move to an over-the-shoulder camera, which changed the perspective of a few iconic scenes, but also resulted in an overhaul to the combat system. The latest technological advancements work wonders when it comes to making images pop. We’re not straying from the original concept of this cult classic, we just have some ideas on how to make the fear and horror factors more appealing to modern audiences.

Silent Hill 2 Remake should therefore be completely faithful to the original game and will never deviate from it. Bloober Team was therefore content to improve the formula with modern techniques, but as he points out, certain sequences, carried by fixed camera angles at the time, should still offer new approaches.

We take a very secure approach to all changes. We stay true to the original title. Nevertheless, we are applying adjustments to some areas where things need to be modernized due to advancing technologies and trends.

And you, does this remake make you fear the worst?

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