SIFU: the new free update will make your life easier

SIFU: the new free update will make your life easier

The excellent SIFU has not said its last word! A big update arrives with novelties of gameplay and scoring with more or less difficulty at the end.

The French studio Sloclap keeps its commitments to the SIFU community. The beat’em up highly appreciated by players will become easier, or harder, thanks to a series of new options for an à la carte experience.

SIFU Presents Its Summer 2022 Update

From this Wednesday, August 31, 2022, SIFU will change its face. A new update, still free, will indeed bring other ways to enjoy the title. Gameplay modifiers will be added and will be closely linked to the new scoring system. These will drastically increase or decrease the difficulty of the software since we are talking about being able to be invincible. Just that !

It is thus possible to have an infinite health bar, unbreakable weapons – for the player and the enemies -, to remove aging, to reduce the character’s life to one point, to make opponents even stronger or even to disable the guard.

All this will have a positive or negative impact on the final score, which takes into consideration the fluidity, variety and effectiveness of the blows given by the player. Finally, new clothes will also be available. A tactical suit, the Enforcer armor, for Deluxe version buyers, and for everyone else, the Master Hand outfit consisting of a “stylish” trench coat and a “stylish hat”. If you dodge all the attacks, you keep this outfit, otherwise, bye bye the style.

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